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The LICO LNTS series of machines are ruggedly built, capable of form tool use, and every slide has full 2-axis, servo-controlled travel.  This is a CNC turning center built with a focus on the screw machine industry.  As the skills for maintenance, setup, and layout of cam operated automatics becomes increasingly difficult to find, the LNTS series steps up to the plate.

The LNTS, with 3 or 4 multi-axis cross slides and an 8-position multi-axis turret, can overlap up to 5 tools at once.  For medium to complex parts, it can match the speed of cam machines; however the benefits do not end there.  A turret-mounted pickoff spindle is standard, and the base machine comes with a gang platform for 3 backworking tools.  Need more, get the machine with an 8-position backworking turret.  Each turret position accepts VDI-30 live tooling, and four live tool holders are standard with the machine.

With spindle sizes ranging from 36mm (1.4”) to 65mm (2.55”) these machines cover a wide range of applications.  Plus there is a three-turret model, for extensive backworking, and a model with a Y-axis gang tooled cross slide, with both static and live tools.  The LICO machines are ruggedly built for long life and rigidity, ideal for the precision production machining industry.

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