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The cost effective solutions for the production environment from CTL-Centreline Ltd:

  • Over 30 years of product development experience in the design and manufacture of both standard and special tooling solutions. Sales, Design and Manufacturing is concentrated on one site based in Coventry.

  • Additional specialist Toolholding and Workholding support available from our sister company Coventry Toolholders Ltd, located on the same site.

  • Specific distribution in the United States maintained through our US division, based in Chicago Illinois. Here both technical information and quotations can be raised within the relevant time zone avoiding delays to the customer.

  • The Multi-head range, originally designed for dedicated drilling machines, is now often incorporated into specialist self-feeding machine installations, as well as general CNC applications. The aim is still to reduce the time the part is on the machine tool by drilling / tapping a number of holes in a set pattern simultaneously.

  • Our specific range of driven tool holders, right angle heads, fixed angle heads, & universal angle heads, are particularly cost-effective, avoiding the need to unclamp and reposition the part, which is both costly and time consuming.

  • The ability to increase speed at the tool point can greatly enhance productivity, and reduces consumable tooling costs. In order to keep pace with the higher machining speed requirements, CTL Centreline offer a range of speed increasers, multiplying the top speed of your machine by up to six times.

  • All the units detailed within the CTL Centreline range combining years of in-house product development with valuable feedback from our end users.


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