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For Solar and Air Conditioning

Automatic machine with compact bulk loader

Type:  CM-HQ-15 Manual load, automatic punching cycle

Type:  ML-HQ-15           

Brief Specification:

Punching cycle time: 2 sec. 

Tube Length: per request

Tolerance between holes: ±0.1 mm  

Pneumatics: Festo -  

PLC control: Mitsubishi  

Complies with safety directives and regulations.  

Fully automatic or as per customer request.

Patented counter head mechanism  

Our machines are unique for the collar quality.

Collar shape is obtained by patented external mechanism which forces the collar to be cylindrical, rather than conical, thus makes it best for top brazing requirements.

The punching process is chipless, fast and does not require oil cleaning.

The counter head prevents collar cracking with harder copper material.  

DAGAN Machine Engineering develops and manufactures tube punching and custom machinery for top level solar companies

Among our Customers: Riello (It), Batec (Dk) Chromagen, Amcor, Tasa, Energon (IL), Vaillant (De),

Our Leading Personnel have experience of over 30 years in machinery design, manufacture and service.

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