Broaching Solutions

Ty Miles accurate,affordable broaching machines.

Ty Miles, Inc. are pioneers in high speed broaching with more than 40 years experience and over a thousand systems working in the field. Our competent, experienced staff is ready to handle
any of your manufacturing needs. Broaching still remains the fastest machining method!

If you're presently milling a lot of flats, slots, straddle flats, squares or hexes, the Miles high speed approach is much more efficient and economical. Even for short production runs because the equipment is Standardized. Other advantages: fine surface finishes...good burr control (even across threads) setups via interchangeable tooling. Multiple stations can be utilized to produce a wide variety of finished cuts in one machine cycle.

Broaching Gun Parts

We work with many different Weapons Manufacturing Companies, doing a variety of operations. AR15, M16 receivers and barrel components, as well as small arms such as 38 caliber, 9mm and 45 caliber parts. Miles also does gun barrel rifling.

Broached and Machined Medical Parts

Medical parts and components manufactured from any type of metal are often only used once.
This high volume need can be met with Miles broaching machines. We have worked with many medical
manufacturing companies over the years, with broaching to help produce such items as,
Orthopedic implants, Surgical Instruments, Dental Instruments, Periodontal Instruments,
Tooth Extracting Forceps, Operating Knives and Scalpels, Surgical Scissors and Surgical Clamps. 

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