Jarteks were developed for production threading of thru-hole applications in difficult to machine alloys.  Starting with premium high speed steels, Jarvis incorporates special spiral point and thread geometries to provide a superior free cutting tap. For thru-hole fasteners produced in secondary tapping applications, Jarvis utilizes specific design criteria to optimize the taps performance based on material type.

Combination taps can reduce costs by doing multiple operations in one pass. Jarvis offers combination tap drills with self centering points off the shelf. Jarvis also produces combination tap reamers to size holes or remove flashing prior to tapping. Additionally, Jarvis produces piloted taps ground to close tolerances to compensate for tapping equipment that is less than robust. Tap reamers and piloted taps are made to order to meet your specific requirements.

Jarflo is the premier name in roll form tapping. Our innovative designs are used for a wide variety of applications including engine components, fasteners, spin-on oil filters, sucker rod couplings, and in-die tapping. Jarflo’s are produced with ground radius crests designed to reduce torque requirements by as much as 50%. Jarflo’s are also manufactured with the crest location in the cutdown section in perfect lead with the crest location in the full diameter. This feature displaces material evenly resulting in reduced torque requirements. Jarvis can optimize Jarflo designs utilizing variations in the number of lobes and lube grooves, variable cutdown lengths, and controlled minor diameters to maximize productivity and provide the lowest cost-per-hole.

At Jarvis, our core business is Application Specific Taps designed to improve our customer’s productivity and the quality of the parts they are tapping. We utilize world class manufacturing systems to produce superior products that generate high returns for our customers.

Through factory-to-factory communication, Jarvis engineers are responsible for all aspects of your application including tool design and processing, generating quotations, and development of customized supply chain programs. Jarvis engineers will also visit your facility to review your application and perform on-site testing. Jarvis application specific taps are truly designed around your application by optimizing tap geometries for your material, machine, coolant, gauging and performance requirements.

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