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We feel like we put together Jigsaw Puzzles for a living! We take random bits of information and assemble them into working solutions. Our tools are the many years of experience in manufacturing plants, a large database, and the manufacturing resources developed by helping people make their products. Our clients call these solutions automated manufacturing processes, but we like to call them "Ideas That Work"!

My degree is in Industrial Engineering with an emphasis on Optimizing Production Processes and Systems. I also studied ergonomics, safety, cost justification, ROI, facilities planning, machine design, lean manufacturing, etc. Our father and brother helped us apply these principles to the sale of Machine Tool Components and Special Machinery. We work with many World Class Manufacturers and Machine Tool Builders to develop manufacturing systems for machining, assembling and testing production parts. We now blend CNC Technologies with Automated Material Handling and Special Machinery.

Our passion is helping companies optimize their manufacturing plan by organizing the pieces of their puzzle and developing processes and machinery that produce results, "Ideas That Work"!

Typical clients we work with are:

BUSINESS OWNERS OR EXECUTIVES who have done everything they can think of already and are looking for fresh ideas! Do you need a Breakthrough Manufacturing Process or Machine?

MANAGERS trying to balance increased production, quality problems, lean, 5S, tight budgets, looming deadlines, and an over-worked staff. We are consultants, problem solvers, partners, and qualified sources for you.

ENGINEERS feeling like Magicians...Are you trying to pull a "Rabbit Out of Your Hat"? Another set of deadlines....The project can’t fail….It must work….On time and On budget.

SUCCESSFUL MANUFACTURERS are where your customers reward you, your company admires you, and your friends and family are proud of you!

If you are looking for “Ideas That Work”, Let’s Talk! 800-222-9607 or

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Aerospace/Defense:  Aircraft,  Armored Vehicles, Bombs, Bullets, GPS Devices, Flares, Guns, Landing Gear, Munitions, Rockets, Shells, Wing Structures

Agricultural: Blowers, Connecting Rods, Cranks, Cutting Blades, Decks, Elevator Buckets, Engines, Filters, Gear Boxes, Irrigation Systems, Lawn Mowers, Pistons, Rakes, Sweepers, Trimmers, Tractors

Appliances: Clothes Dryers, Garbage Disposals, Steamers, Toasters, Washing Machines     

Automotive:  Air Bags,  Alternators, Bearings, Brakes, Connecting Rods, Control Arms, Engine Covers, Engine Mounts, Head Lights, Oil Filters, Stampings, Steering Wheels, Suspension Parts, Tensioners, Timing Gears, Water Pumps, Wheels Castings Aluminum, Ductile, Cast Iron, Magnesium, Steel, Zinc

CNC Machinery:  Bar Feeders, Chucks, Lathes, Machining Center, Rotary Index Machinery, Servo Motors, Special Machinery, Spindle Repairs, Transfer Lines

Consumer:  Bed Frames, BBQ Grills, Cabinets, Can Openers, Cabinets, Chairs, Closet Hardware, Coolers, Diapers, Doors, Chimney Covers, Feminine Care Products, Garage Door Openers, Hinges, Pens, Plumbing Fixtures, Screw Drivers, Sinks, Windows, Wrapping Paper

Die Castings:  Alternators, Brakes, Cable TV, Computers, Dashboards, Disk Drives, Engines, Engine Covers, GPS Controls, Gear Boxes, Mobile Phones, Motor Housings, Pistons, Secondary Operation Machines, Segways, Spacer Decks, Steering Wheels, Suspension Brackets, Tilt Column Castings, Timing Gear Covers, Transmission, Trim Press Unloaders, Valve Bodies, Water Pump

Electric:  Disconnects, Fans, Heaters, Light Bulbs, Lighting Fixtures, Motors, Power Distribution, Solar Power, Solenoids, Wind Power

Electronic:  Batteries, Computer Frames, Connectors, Disks, Fuses, Hardware, Security Hinges: 

Food:  Bottle Cleaning, Pizza Dough Manufacturing, Seed Manufacturing, Utensil Washing Machinery, Vending, Wood Barrels

Gasoline:  Dispensing Nozzles, Filters, Hoses, Quick-Disconnects, Valves

Hardware:  Bolts, Brackets, Bushings, Connectors, Links, Nuts, Pins, Rivets, Screw Machine Parts, Stampings, 5-Axis Machining

Hydraulic:  Cylinders, Gear Pump Bodies, High Pressure Valve, Piston Pumps, Solenoid Valves

Industrial:  Car Lifts, Casters, Concrete Forms, Honing Machines, Wheel Balancers

Lubrication:  Coolant Systems, Cutting Tool Lubrication, Grease Fittings, Grease Lubrication Blocks, Green Lubricants, Stamping Press Lubrication, Zerk Fittings

Machine Tools:  Bases, Ballscrews, Columns, Conveyors, Fixturing, Gears, Rotary Tables, Slides, Special Machinery, Spindles

Medical:  Blood Testing, Glass Tubes, Hips, Knees, Needles, Oxygen Generator, Pill Punches, Surgical Tools

Motorcycle:  Engine Components, Exhaust Pipes, Frames

Natural Gas:  Flow Controls, Gas Meters, Steel Tanks, Valves

Packaging:  Blow Mold Trimming, Cardboard Boxes, Rotary Dies for Labels, Yogurt Containers

Plumbing:  Connectors, Manifolds, Pipe, Pipe Fittings, Surge Suppressors, Tubing, Valves

Pneumatic:  Air Compressors, Compressed Air Tanks, Cylinders, Hand Tools, Valves

Rail Car:  Dumping Hopper Rail Car, Railroad Ties, Wheels

Refrigeration:  Cabinets, Doors, Hinges, Scroll Compressors, Shelving, Tubing

Sporting Goods:  Football Helmets, Golf Carts, Golf Clubs, Golf Club Shafts

Steel:  Ground Plate, Machine Bases, Machined Weldments, Steel Weldments

Telephone:  Cable TV Boxes, Cell Phones, Computer Housings, Power Distribution Hardware

Tools:  Chain Links, Hammers, Hand Tools, Knives, Power Tools, Trowels, Wrenches

Truck:  5th Wheel Landing Gear, Brakes, Cables, Cabs, Engine Components, Hubs, Suspension Parts, Truck Beds, Wheels

Valves:  Air, Beverage, Fiberglass, Gasoline, Hydraulic, Pressure Relief, Refrigeration, Water

Welding:  Automated Machinery, Positioning Devices, Quick Disconnects

Call 1-800-222-9607 for immediate help.