Toolmen is an electromechanical engineering company that builds Specific Purpose Machine Tools.  These are CNC machines that are optimized for a specific task or group of tasks and then simplified for cost. We utilize standard platforms which are used as a building block for our Machine Tool solutions.  In this way, we build machines for significantly less money with better productivity than a general purpose machine tool.  Toolmen has significant experience with milling, drilling, routing, waterjet, laser, ultrasonic, plasma, welding and multiprocess combinations of the above.  We are also presenting adaptive solutions which feature real time motion path adjustment based on input from external sensors such as vision or laser.

Some of our more successfull machines developed include wire screen wrapping machines, multispindle drilling machines, laser tube cutting machines, laser cladding machines.  These machines developed in close partnership with our customers have become world leaders in performance and value.

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