Hi, this is John Chriswell.  Welcome to manufacturing Marvels.

Industrial automation is the labor-saving foundation of many companies.  Without it, their products don’t get made. That’s where Hypneumat, Incorporated steps in.

Located in the greater Milwaukee Area, ISO Certified Hypneumat is one of the original manufacturers of industrial automation products.  Through the expertise of skilled craftsmen, the company makes high--speed drilling and tapping units along with multi-spindle heads and fixtures. These are marketed under the Hypneumat, Commander and Snow Brands.

Hypneumat's name is a combination of the words Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Automatic, which are how Hypneumat's products keep drilling and tapping day in and day out, as well as pressing, pushing and turning everything from metal to food.

Hypneumat's models are customizable with numerous stroke lengths, spindle options, mounting configurations and motor sizes.  Hypneumat is also the only company that makes a unit with a stroke up to 18” in length. 

Hypneumat, Commander and Snow products are built to last, which is why Hypneumat maintains a large inventory of parts to keep those machines moving for decades to come. 

To meet the diverse needs of its customers, Hypneumat added contract precision machining to its repertoire, using a wide array of equipment, including multi-axis turning.

Its team of machinists offer close tolerance product, with the attention to detail customers have come to expect from Hypneumat.

To keep your manufacturing in motion, see what Hypneumat has in store by calling Vic Jost @800-+222-9607, or emailing vic@jostmachinery.com.