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RSVP Tooling is a leading supplier of high production external threading tools. From our facility in Joliet Illinois, we distribute the widest range of thread cutting dieheads, chasers, thread rolling attachments and thread rolls in North America. Our comprehensive inventory is supported by our dedicated 20,000 sq. ft. manufacturing division in the UK, where 60 years of threading tool production, combined with the latest CNC technology, enable us to design and deliver solutions for virtually any threading application.

World Class Products

The RSVP range of thread cutting and thread rolling tools is the most extensive in North America:

RSVP dieheads: our dieheads have long been recognized as the ultimate thread cutting system. The concept of the circular chaser, able to produce accurate threads in a single pass still has no equal in terms of performance and cost per part.

RSVP chasers: in addition to circular chasers, we also supply a wide range of precision ground chasers for use on geometric style dieheads.

RSVP thread rolling: recognized as the fastest method of producing strong, accurate threads and a requirement for safety critical parts in the aerospace and automotive industries. Our extensive range of attachments and rolls are particularly suited for use on virtually any type of machine.

First Class Service

The RSVP commitment to customer service includes a fully comprehensive technical support program. Our in depth knowledge of threading tools, how they are made and the machines they are used on is a highly valued resource and freely accessible to customers throughout North America. We offer service and repair of all types of threading attachments with new and surplus parts available on site.

Affordable Alternatives: RSVP Tooling maintains a vast array of used, rebuilt and surplus equipment on site for situations where short run, budget or compatibility constraints require special attention. Call anytime for assistance with your needs.

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