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Sugino, a diverse corporation, offers some of the finest manufacturing equipment available on the market today. With its roots established back in 1936, Sugino is pleased to offer reliable, high quality products, which are separated into four main categories: Selfeeder Drilling and Tapping, High Pressure Cleaning and Deburring, High Pressure Pumping Systems and Superoll Roller Burnishing Tools.

Sugino's Selfeeder product line has set the "industry standard" in accuracy and reliability for drilling and tapping units. The Selfeeder product line is available in a wide array of units, which gives our customers the flexibility and agility to handle even the most complex applications.


Sugino's high-pressure cleaning and deburring equipment is broken down into two main product configurations: Jet Flex technology and U-Jet Technology. Sugino, an OEM manufacturer of high-pressure pumping systems, incorporates proven reliable pump technology, with the flexibility and accuracy of a CNC machine tool to provide superior cleaning and deburring results. Offered in 5,000 and 10,000 PSI configurations, Sugino's Jet Flex Center technology offers accurate and efficient cleaning and deburring on critical, simple and complex designed components. Sugino's Jet Flex Center represents a patented technology that incorporates advanced CNC nozzle movement. Sugino's U-Jet technology offers superior cleaning and flushing power using Sugino's patented "Horn Nozzle" design. By submersing the component under water, Sugino's "Horn Nozzle" delivers a high impact water jet and controlled cavitation to clean even the most complex shape work pieces. Typical cleanliness levels achieved have been documented to 0.01mg of remaining contaminant.

Sugino's Superoll roller burnishing tools provide "mirror" like quality finishes on a variety of work pieces in a single pass. Superoll tools are configured for I.D, O.D and beveled surface applications with many options available to "tailor" the tool to a specific application. Superoll tools are easily adjusted in .0001" increments to provide precise tolerances.

For all of your manufacturing needs, Sugino is "Paving the Way" into the 21st century and beyond creating advanced technologies through innovative engineering and research.

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