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Hypneumat, Inc. is a manufacturer of industrial automation products under the Hypneumat brand, the Commander brand and the Snow brand. We have been in business since 1945. Our Hypneumat products include a full line of drilling units and tapping units, machines and controls. We manufacture multiple spindle heads under the Commander brand name and we manufacture drilling machines and tapping machines, clutch- type tapping heads and fixtures under the Snow brand name. We are the exclusive USA representative of Euroma Srl. Thank you for visiting our web site. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions.

Commander is known world wide for its versatile, quality multiple spindle heads. Universal joint multiple spindle heads will turn a single spindle drill press into a multiple spindle workhorse able to drill (or tap) several holes at a time. Commander also currently manufactures several all-geared, adjustable center, multiple spindle heads in two, three or four spindles.

Snow Mfg Co was founded in 1920. The Snow Mfg line consists of drilling machines and tapping machines, four sizes of reversing, clutch- type tapping heads and a full line of horizontal fixtures and vertical fixtures.

Euroma, Srl is a manufacturer of a wide range of industrial automation products. Among the many products that Euroma Srl manufactures are linear ball way slides, motorized spindles, rotary indexing tables, automatic drilling units, lead screw tapping units, CNC feed units and multiple spindle heads.

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