Jost Machinery Company

Mission Statement



Jost Machinery Company’s sole business objective is working with its customers to mutually explore and achieve a cost-effective and highly productive solution to their needs.


JMC will be the premier source of technical expertise and superior customer service with attention to detail in its industry and region.


Team members will be proud to be a part of the corporation.  They will benefit from above-average compensation, a pleasant working environment, tremendous opportunity for professional advancement and personal growth, as well as significant involvement in the decision making process within the corporation. 


A high level of mutual respect and trust among all team members, owners, customers, and vendors shall be maintained.  We will strive to develop long-term relationships with our strategic partners, without compromising values.


Each team member will understand and support the corporation’s mission of helping customers and vendors succeed.


The owners of the corporation will place the welfare of the corporation, its vendors, and

its customers above their own self-interests.


The corporation will represent our vendors’ companies in a positive way to attract the maximum potential from our territory.  We will strive to place our vendors’ products in applications where they will succeed.


The corporation will be innovative in its approach to becoming a business partner with our customers to find the most appropriate product for their applications and success.   This approach to customer satisfaction shall result in mutual trust that fosters repeat customers, referrals, and a more viable business with a promising future.