Check out the New Generation Rotary Index Machines

“A Comeback for the Ages”!

The New England Patriots won another Super Bowl with a record rally. It was definitely "A Comeback for the Ages".

Regardless of how you feel about the Patriots, you probably respect how they worked hard as a team to the very end of the game and never quit.

Just like the Patriots – Rotary Index Machines are making “A Comeback for the Ages”!

In the same way, the New Generation Rotary Index Machines are earning justified respect due to their quality, productivity and return on investment. 

I have listed (11) “Players” that you can have on your team by using Rotary Index Machines:

  • Machine parts to CNC tolerances

  • Run faster than multiple CNC machines

  • Unload and reload within the longest machining cycle

  • Can be automated with robot and conveyor

  • Optimize each machining and assembly operation

  • Monitor broken tools and product quality

  • Run all operations simultaneously for fast cycle

  • Deburr, wash, and assemble finished products

  • Save floor space and manpower

  • Are lean machines designed for production parts

  • They are the breakthrough machining process that wins the game!

This video shows an aluminum die cast automotive part that is robotically unloaded and reloaded with automatic clamping. Each die casting is precision milled, bored, drilled and tapped every 12 seconds for a production rate of 300 parts per hour.

A Precision Rotary Index Machine performs like a finally tuned football team to execute your strategy and win the game for your team.

Like the Patriots, if you are the coach or the quarterback of your team, you need to check out the team that is making a strong come back!

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