Flowdrill is a solid tungsten carbide tool, capable of locally displacing material to form increased material thickness. This increased material thickness allows for a stronger fastening connection by tapping, brazing or welding.

Flowdrill exists to provide a cost and quality replacement to traditional fastening methods. When you have thin walled material the only option to create strength is through a traditional fastener or thicker material, these all have disadvantages in the form of cost and failures in the production process. The Flowdrill eliminates the need for expensive fasteners by having a two-step process capable of 1000’s of repetitions. 

Flowdrill is: 

  • a chip less process

  • capable of strong threaded connections for metric, imperial and gas threads

  • capable of drilling steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and brass

  • environmentally friendly, no waste, no single fasteners, and recyclable

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